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FC: Thirteen Colonies – Transitional Unit


(1 customer review)

7 highly engaging and focused lessons that have students answering the following framing question: “How did the English Colonies develop, and change over time?”

Grade: 3rd Grade

Weeks: 1.5

Pages: 68

Standards: 3.1 to 3.5

File Type: pdf

Slide Deck Included: Yes

In stock

Product SKU: PEDFC311T


This transitional topic has been included in the 23-24 School Year Curriculum in order to properly contextualize the first unit of the third grade. The history of the English colonies in North America, including their beginnings, their growth, some of the concepts the English brought with them about rights and governance, and how the French and Indian War impacted the colonies will be covered in a very general fashion in the lessons that are presented to the students.

Lessons are focused on the course framework and have students analyze excerpts from a wide range of primary and secondary source documents. Then, the students answer the different supporting questions that help them answer the framing question. Students will complete various graphic organizers and question banks that will help them answer the framing questions. There are also a wide variety of readings that allow students to gain the core background knowledge needed to understand social studies. These activities have students working with primary and secondary sources, and they are specifically designed and chunked for better student comprehension, engagement, and fun!

Lessons are developed using all the sources and readings that are in the social studies course frameworks provided by the Louisiana Department of Education.

What do the Framework Companions include?

  1. Detailed lesson plans aligned with the standards and frameworks
  2. Activities that include all the materials provided in the frameworks
  3. Lesson activity workbook/worksheets
  4. Slide deck


  • 3.1 Create and use a chronological sequence of related events to compare developments and describe instances of change and continuity.
  • 3.2 Use a variety of primary and secondary sources to:
    1. Analyze social studies content.
    2. Explain claims and evidence.
    3. Compare and contrast multiple sources.
  • 3.3 Explain connections between ideas, events, and developments in world history.
  • 3.4 Compare and contrast events and developments in world history.
  • 3.5 Construct and express claims that are supported with relevant evidence from primary and/or secondary sources, content knowledge, and clear reasoning in order to:
    1. Demonstrate an understanding of social studies content.
    2. Compare and contrast content and viewpoints.
    3. Explain causes and effects.
    4. Describe counterclaims.

Framing Question

  • How did the English Colonies develop, and change over time?

Supporting Questions

  1. How and why did the English colonies in North America begin?
  2. What ideas about government did English colonists bring with them to North America?
  3. What were the causes of the French and Indian War and how did the outcome affect the colonists and Native Americans?


1 review for FC: Thirteen Colonies - Transitional Unit

  1. Frances Rigmaiden

    I absolutely loved this. It gave me everything I needed to teach the lessons.

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