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FC: George Washington’s Presidency and Precedents


157 pages with 9 lessons and LEAP like assessment focused on developing students knowledge on George Washington’s presidency and precedents.

Grade: 7th Grade

Weeks: 2

Pages: 157

Standards: 7.1–7.7; 7.8 a–b, e, and g

File Type: pdf

Slide Deck Included: Yes

In Stock

Product SKU: PEDFC711


Students learn about the precedents set by Washington’s presidency by reading and analyzing excerpts from a wide range of primary and secondary source documents. Then, the students answer the different supporting questions that help them answer the framing question. Students will complete various graphic organizers and question banks that will help them answer the framing questions. These activities have students working with primary and secondary sources, and they are specifically designed and chunked for better student comprehension, engagement, and fun!

Lessons are developed using all the sources and readings that are in the social studies course frameworks provided by the Louisiana Department of Education.

What does it include?

  1. Detailed lesson plans aligned with the standards and frameworks
  2. Activities that include all the materials provided in the frameworks
  3. Assessments aligned to the new LDOE field test
  4. Lesson activity workbook/worksheets
  5. Slide deck


  • 7.8 Analyze the influence of key events, ideas, and people on the economic, political, and social development of the United States from 1791–1850s
  • 7.8a Explain the causes and events of the Whiskey Rebellion, including the response from the Washington administration and its relationship to enforcement of the government’s right to tax.
  • 7.8b Explain the influence of precedents set by the presidency of George Washington, and analyze the advice in and effects of his Farewell Address.
  • 7.8e Explain how the disagreements between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton resulted in the emergence of the Federalist and Democratic- Republican political parties, including views on foreign policy, Alien and Sedition Acts, economic policy, National Bank, funding and assumption of the revolutionary debt.
  • 7.8g Explain how the U.S. government addressed foreign and domestic challenges during the late 1700s to the mid-1800s and how related policies and legislation influenced the development of the United States.

Framing Question

To what degree was George Washington’s leadership indispensable in successfully launching the new federal government?

Supporting Questions

  1. What is the role of the president according to the Constitution?
  2. What precedents were established by George Washington’s administration?
  3. What were George Washington’s views on slavery and religious freedom?
  4. How was federal authority challenged domestically during Washington’s presidency?
  5. What foreign policy challenges did the Washington administration face and how were they dealt with?
  6. What advice and warnings did Washington offer in his Farewell Address?
  7. How is Washington’s administration connected to the creation of the first two political parties in the United States?



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