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FC: American Southwest and Northwest


9 lessons that answer the standards as well as the framing and supporting questions

Grade: 5th Grade

Weeks: 2

Pages: 109

Standards: 5.1 - 5.8, 5.13, 5.13a, 5.113b, 5.113c

File Type: pdf

Slide Deck Included: Yes

In stock

Product SKU: PEDFC531


This product is a bundle.

The Indigenous peoples of the North American Southwest are those in the current states of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada in the western United States, and the states of Sonora and Chihuahua in northern Mexico. The Ancestral Pueblo peoples’, or Anasazi, culture was centered around the present-day Four Corners area. Their distinctive pottery and dwelling construction styles emerged in the area around 750 CE. Ancestral Pueblo peoples are renowned for the construction of and cultural achievements present at Pueblo Bonito and other sites in Chaco Canyon. This region has long been occupied by hunter-gatherers and agricultural people.

9 lessons that answer the standards as well as the framing and supporting questions

Lessons are developed using all the sources and readings that are in the social studies course frameworks provided by the Louisiana Department of Education.

What does it include?

  1. Detailed lesson plans aligned with the standards and frameworks
  2. Activities that include all the materials provided in the frameworks
  3. Assessments aligned with the new LDOE field test
  4. Lesson activity workbook/worksheets
  5. Slide deck


  • 5.13 Describe the geographic, political, economic, and cultural structures of Indigenous civilizations of the Americas.
  • 5.13a Identify and locate the geographic features of the Americas, including the Andes Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Great Plains, Pacific Ocean Mountains, Gulf of Mexico, Rocky Mountains, Atlantic Ocean, Mississippi River, Amazon River, South America, Caribbean Sea, North America, Yucatan Peninsula, and the Central Mexican Plateau.
  • 5.13b Explain the effects of geographic features on Indigenous North American cultures (Northeast, Southeast, and Plains), including clothing, housing, and agriculture.
  • 5.13c Describe the existence of diverse networks of Indigenous North American cultures, including varied languages, customs, and economic and political structures.

Framing Question

What are some of the achievements of the Pueblo and Inuit peoples?

Supporting Questions

  1. How did the Ancestral Pueblo adapt to their environment?
  2. How did other groups that lived in the Southwest interact with the Pueblo?
  3. What do the totem poles created by the Haida tell us about their culture?
  4. How did the Inuit adapt to their difficult environment?



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